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Jarvis vs. Morozov

Last night I read a pretty detailed review of Jeff Jarvis’ latest book Private Parts by Evgeny Morozov. To call it a “shellshacking” would be an understament…

After work I came home and saw that Jarvis had actually written a reply on Google+ and there had been a bit of back and forth (for some here and here) between Morozov and Jarvis on Twitter. I think the most interesting part of Jarvis’ response is the amount of comments from Jarvis supporters attacking Morozov’s critique. I found it interesting because many accused Morozov of being “cynical” and a “pessimist” especially against the “positive” and “forward-looking” cadre of cyber-utopians led by Jarvis and the like. It seemed that most people who supported Jarvis were from the US… It reminded me of a book by Barbara Ehrenreich titled Smile or Die: How Positive Thinking Fooled America and the World. How much is Internet-centrism a consequence of cultural norm? How much is it engrained in the “have a nice day!” society? I wrote Morozov about it on Twitter and if he responds, I’ll update the post!


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The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom – Some quick thoughts

The Net DelusionI started reading Evgeny Morozov’s The Net Delusion and find it very interesting. It is obviously very timely due to the recent events in Tunisia and Egypt. The book argues for a more sophisticated look at the role that social media can play in promoting socio-political change. I’ll try to write a full review when I’m done, but share one thought with Lee Siegel who reviewed the book for the New York Times; Morozov does exhibit “traces of the Eastern European intellectual fatalist gloom from time.” The book so far reminds me of my time participating in Vacel Havel’s Student Forum 2000, and learning about the NGO community (which Morozov actually belonged to) in Central and Eastern Europe trying to promote democratic values with a constant dose of cynicism and dark humor. In any case… a proper review will come in the next few days.

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