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Le Anti-Cri: A comprehensive understanding of Munch’s work

One of several versions of the painting "...

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I spent this past weekend in Paris after some work-related meetings. I decided to attend an exhibition on Eduard Munch’s work. I have been a Munch fan since a friend suggested I check out a traveling exhibit a few years back while studying abroad.

This exhibit was particularly interesting for two reasons; first it was upfront about the fact that Munch is primarily known by only one piece, the Scream. Thus, it purposely sought to look at Munch’s work beyond his masterpiece (the Scream is called “The Cri” in French, so check out the play on words in the title of the exhibit).

Secondly, the exhibit was not made up by pieces usually available to the public at the National Gallery of Oslo or the Munch Museum.
Instead, the exhibit was made up by a series of privately owned pieces, which are normally housed at collector’s homes. It really made it a unique experience!

For more information about the exhibit and for dates/times follow this link! 

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